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Although I focus on psychotherapy here please see this section as a general guide as to how I work.


I practice psychodynamic psychotherapy which has its roots in psychoanalysis. As a psychodynamic psychotherapist I see the following things, among others, as important in therapy:


  • the relationship with the therapist
  • the influence of childhood experiences on one’s life as an adult (especially those connected with important people such as parents and siblings)
  • the importance of working with feelings, especially emotionally painful ones
  • the fact that at times there are unconscious roots to problems and it takes time to uncover them


If you choose to begin therapy with me I will try to provide a safe space in which you can feel as free as possible to talk about and explore your problems, feelings, and thoughts. You can trust that everything you say will be treated confidentially.

Sometimes it is a great help just to put things into words, hear them for yourself, and have another person listen and understand. I will also help you make connections and think about things in new ways. In other cases we will try together to discover and understand the underlying causes of the problem.


One cannot deny that therapy takes time and is often hard work, but you will have someone by your side to help.

It eventually leads to a greater understanding and acceptance of yourself which is extremely helpful in life.


Getting Started

Before beginning any form of regular treatment we would begin with 1-4 interviews where we discuss the problems which have prompted you to seek help and what form of treatment would be best for you.


You can even schedule an appointment if you are unsure about whether or not you need treatment.

The interviews are also a chance to assess whether it feels like we could work together. Probably the most important factor in any therapy is whether you feel you can trust and open up to your therapist. If we decide to begin treatment we would set up a schedule. One meets at the same time each week because continuity is important.


We may also decide after the interviews that some other type of treatment would be more helpful to you. In that case I will try and direct you to the right resources.


Some Practical Issues


  • The length of the sessions is 45 minutes.
  • Please call for my usual session fee. I have a few sliding scale slots for people who would not be able to afford therapy otherwise.
  • My office hours are 8 am to 5 pm, but some evening times are available.

Lenore Arnberg

PhD, Licensed Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst




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